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XCell Wireless is proud to offer a 90 day warranty on all parts and labor for device repairs. We believe in a hassle free customer experience. In the rare event that you should experience an issue with a repaired device, we stand behind our work

The 90 Day  Warranty covers:

  • Manufacturer part defects on parts purchased from XCell Wireless.
  • Workmanship issues that are related to the original repair by XCell Wireless.

The 90 Day Warranty does NOT cover:

  • Additional liquid or physical damage occurring after the original repair.
  • Additional parts damage that was not identified in the original repair. Example: After we repair a broken screen, should the device motherboard stop working after the repair, the motherboard which was not replaced in the original repair will not be covered under the 90 day warranty.
  • Bent devices may require additional cost to customer if a screen is unable to stay flush with the device housing.
  • Battery replacement is not covered under the 90 day warranty.